Karpintero is the Filipino and Spanish word for carpenter.

A Karpintero (carpenter) is a skilled artesano that has a wide coverage in the manufacture of wood (woodworking)

which includes the practice of building , equipment, and various other things made of wood.

But usually, most karpintero are all around skilled worker capable of performing the duties of a carpenter, mason, painter, plumber.

Involving the work of labor manual and working out, particularly the rough carpentry.

Called carpintero, anluwagihan, karpenteriya or karpenterya (English: Carpentry or joiner's workshop) The workshop of the carpenter.

Although the equivalent Its Spanish (Spanish: CARPINTERIA, English: joinery and capentry) also means that the field of art and carpentry.

karpintero, tubero, kantero, carpenter, plumber, mason are just some of the workforce needed for renovations headed by an engineer or an architect.

But in reality, karpintero are skilled workers with all around knowledge in carpentry, plumbing and masonry

karpintero, tubero, kantero, pintor are generally referred to simply as karpintero.

In other words, if you need anything repaired, built and renovated, all you actually need is a karpintero.

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I need a carpenter or kailangan ko ng karpintero, meron ba kayo kakilalang karpintero?








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